Slovenian gaming market is undergoing changes

In Slovenia, the largest gambling operator offering services at the rates and lotteries, entered into a collaboration with the supplier of terminals for betting, further demonstrating thereby the global changes in the world of gambling, under which operators are adapting today.

 Employees Športna Loterija operator claimed that part of the agreement with Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) from the current time is undertaken by the transition to the terminals for betting with a new account verification system. This agreement once again shows the optimization of many gambling operators under the customers‘ needs and striving to remain so in the market.

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 Such a decision the company has come in response to the need of internal modernization, as well as the need for assistance from a qualified technology partner that can offer their products and thus support.

 Anette Jauch, Sales Director of the CPI, which will supply the operator Športna Loterija means of verification of banknotes and coins, as well as gaming terminals, specified that the partner and after-sales support is also provided.

 Recall that in connection with the pandemic COVID-19 sector revenues decreased betting business.

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